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5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Central Vacuum Cleaner

An excellent alternative to the portable option is the central vacuum cleaner.

The traditional portable vacuum cleaners come with many downsides. They are tedious to use since you have to haul them from one point to another. A lot of noise when in use. And they re-circulate collected dust and hot air into the air inside the house. This results in unhealthy allergens and bad odors lurking in the air.
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Central vacuum system power unit

A Central Vacuum Cleaner 

An excellent alternative to the portable option is the central vacuum cleaner. This semi-permanent fixture removes debris and dust from a house through a central duct system and into a receptacle located in another location such as the basement.  
Knowledge of the benefits of a central vacuum cleaner is not common among homeowners. Most still use the portable model. If you are one of them, here are 5 reasons why a central vacuum cleaner would be perfect for your home. 
Unlike portable vacuum cleaners, a central vacuum cleaner does not re-circulate exhaust air full  of dust and allergens back into the air. All debris travels through tubing in the wall to a central receptacle. 
A 2001 study conducted at the University of California at Davis, showed that the use of central vacuum cleaners results in much cleaner air as compared to the use of portable vacuum cleaners. 25 individuals who were hypersensitive to house dust showed great improvements in their health after using a central vacuum cleaner. The improvements were related to their nasal symptoms, eye symptoms, sleep quality, emotions and non-nasal symptoms.
Central Vacuum System
You no longer have to drag a heavy appliance around the house when cleaning up. Cleaning is as simple as attaching an accessory like a brush to a vacuum hose attached to a wall inlet. You do not get quickly tired like with the portable vacuum. You can also effectively clean every inch of the room including hidden corners and high surfaces.
The well-known whine of a portable vacuum cleaner can be annoying especially when someone else is trying to sleep or study. Installed properly, a central vacuum cleaner operates silently. This is because the noisy motor is located in another part of the house like the garage or basement.
A good quality central vacuum cleaner can last indefinitely
While traditional vacuum cleaners are restricted to very small debris such as dust, a central vacuum cleaner can do so much more. Its design and the higher suction power allow it to pick up bigger debris such as glass slivers, plaster particles and small wire clippings. 
A good quality central vacuum cleaner can last indefinitely. This level of durability ensures that you never have to spend money again on another vacuum cleaner. 
If you want to enjoy these benefits of central vacuum cleaners, DTV Installers are here to help. We have highly trained, licensed and well-experienced technicians to help you choose the right model of a vacuum cleaner for your home or office and properly install it. 
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