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Proper Sound Design in NY & NJ: Boosting Profits For Your Business

Research has proven that the right music, when delivered properly in a business environment, will increase worker productivity and company profit. The small cost of hiring the experts at DTV Installations for professional sound design and calibration can lead to huge boosts in a company’s bottom line.
How many times have you walked into a store or professional office only to be annoyed by the background music being played? It might be too loud, it might sound muffled, the choice of music might be distracting – or the speakers might crackle and pop, the worst distraction of all.
The solution to bad audio in a commercial installation isn’t turning off the music or changing the station. It’s designing and calibrating the sound system properly in the first place.
Sound design for retail stores in new jersey and new york
Study after study, in every industry, has shown that the right ambient music in a business environment increases worker productivity, customer attitudes, and sales. Even better, experiments have shown that:
  • Music matching the types of goods a store wants to sell – such as items with high profit margins – will lead customers to disproportionately purchase those products.
  • Music considered “upscale” for the clientele convinces them to pay higher prices for the products being sold.
Audio installations for bars in new york and new jersey
Both results, of course, create more profit for the business. And in service-oriented businesses, the right music leads people to stay longer and spend more, or to become repeat customers for the long-term.
That naturally means proper selection of the music you play is crucial. Unless the audio sounds terrific, though, those benefits are lost. Really poor audio might even drive customers away before they make a purchase.
Sound design for fitness clubs and gym in new york
You wouldn’t trust “just anyone” to handle your store design or craft your marketing strategy. You shouldn’t trust “just anyone” to design and properly calibrate your business audio system, either.
You should bring in the professionals.
Sound design for restaurant
It’s obvious that proper audio delivery in a business setting doesn’t mean simply sticking some speakers into the ceiling or playing a radio sitting on a counter. It requires a system designed by professionals who are able to combine scientific knowledge and experience – and from our many years of designing audio systems for commercial clients in New York and New Jersey, DTV Installations has both.
We understand how to compute the optimal number of speakers for a business environment and where they should be placed. We take into consideration not only square footage but also ceiling height, room shape and the location of walls and barriers, as well as the acoustic properties of the space. It’s a science and an art, and DTV Installations understands both.
That’s only half the equation; it’s just as important to calibrate the system properly for optimal sound delivery. That’s not a matter of standing under the speakers and saying “Sounds great over here!” DTV Installations uses rigorous industry standards and years of experience to analyze the way that the sound delivered by your speakers behaves in different areas of the space – and then makes the exact adjustments and tweaks necessary to ensure perfect audio throughout your business.
Sound design for business
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Great sound means money in your pocket. Professional design and calibration is a small investment for a large reward.
Almost all restaurants, retail stores, medical facilities, bars, spa/beauty salons and gyms play music in their facilities. Very few do it in a way that maximizes its effectiveness and maximizes their profit. Calling in the experts from DTV Installations can ensure the highest quality audio in your business, and add to your bottom line.
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