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Outdoor Audio and Video Systems

Summer is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor entertainment options. DTV Installations can install high-end, waterproof, outdoor surround-sound audio which will blend unobtrusively with your landscaping, and outdoor-rated 4K and HDTV systems designed to work in any type of outside lighting conditions. And our estimates are always free.
4K TV installed into the wall outdoor
If you’re like most homeowners, you spend the winter months looking forward to summer. The prospects of entertaining family and friends, throwing parties, and just plain kicking back and relaxing in the yard or around the pool are great motivation to make it through another cold, snowy winter.
But are you ready to fully enjoy your yard this year? Parties and get-togethers are a lot more fun with the right music, played on the right high-quality sound system. And there’s no better way to enjoy the nice weather than by sitting on the patio or relaxing in the pool while watching a movie or your favorite TV show.
Living in the open air
There’s plenty of time for DTV Installations to set you up for the whole summer – and many summers to come – with the ultimate in weatherproof outdoor sound systems, projector screens, and even waterproof, outdoor-rated large screen HDTVs. What better use could there be for that tax refund check that Uncle Sam just sent?
It can get tiresome setting up a portable device and speaker, or dragging a radio outside, simply to provide background music when you’re entertaining. The music won’t sound very good, either.
DTV Installations can provide the long-term solutions: a fantastic outdoor audio system from TruAudio, or high-end weatherproof KEF or Sonance satellite speakers. The music will sound just as good when you’re outside with family or guests (or relaxing by yourself) as it does when you’re in your living room or home theater.
Audio speakers hidden in outdoor environment
For example, a TruAudio outdoor surround sound system can take a feed from your high-def A/V receiver, run the signals through a Crown power amplifier, and send the audio to as many as eight outdoor surround-sound speakers and two subwoofers. The music will make you feel like you’re at an outdoor concert, and not just sitting outside listening to a small, tinny speaker.
KEF Outdoor Series Ventura Lifestyle Speakers
Even better, DTV Installations can install the system to fully blend in with your landscaping. Your waterproof speakers and subwoofers can be placed in-ground, or you can choose from a large selection of speakers built to look like rocks, flowerpots, even decorative items like frogs; they’ll never be noticed except as a natural component of a lovely yard or patio. Of course, we can also permanently mount them on your home or trees, or in other locations of your choice.
It’s time to put some real music into your outdoor spaces.
Stereo outdoors
Sick of choosing between going outside to enjoy the weather or staying indoors to watch the game or a movie? DTV Installations can take care of that dilemma as well.
Today’s modern video entertainment solutions include high-end Seura 4K outdoor TV and high-definition televisions, as well as more-affordable SunBriteTV systems. These fully-waterproof and outdoor-rated HDTVs are available in sizes from 32 to 84 inches, and for every environment whether the television will be installed in full sunshine, complete shade, or light conditions that vary during the day. It’s the perfect way to take full advantage of the summer weather while taking your entertainment outside with you.
Broadcast of the match on outdoor TV screen
DTV Installations can also install Draper motorized outdoor projection screens, allowing you to simply bring your home theater projector outside for solo viewing or to entertain a large group. And we can tie any or all of your outdoor entertainment systems together with an optional Lutron outdoor lighting system, with everything controlled by a single URC Total Control universal remote.
View tv outdoors
We do a brisk business during the spring months, setting up these extraordinary waterproof outdoor audio and video systems for our clients. But we always have room for one more. And as authorized dealers for all of these product lines, we can supply all of the equipment and offer large discounts.
Living in the open air

At DTV Installations, we offer free site surveys and estimates, and can work hand-in-hand with you or your landscape designers to ensure a beautiful installation which will add to your property’s value and your summer enjoyment. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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