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5 Ways Remote Intercoms Make Your Life Easier

Remote intercoms can make your life easier in many ways. They can give you peace of mind while on vacation and even more reassurance when you are home alone. They are also especially useful for businesses. Here are five ways remote intercoms can make your life more convenient, both as a homeowner and business owner.

1. Safety

Whether you live in an urban metropolis or a quiet suburb, the threat of crime is always present. Your phone will always be connected to the system, even when you are away from home. Complete with a camera that records video, a remote intercom allows you to see your front door if you are hundreds of miles away catching a tan on the beach. The system calls your phone when someone requests access. You also have the option to watch a live feed from the front door right on your phone. 

2. Remotely open the door

With a wireless remote intercom, you don’t even have to miss a second of the big game when the crew shows up late on Sunday afternoons. Unlock your door while sitting on your couch so your friends can walk right in. And if one of your guests turns out to be a buzzkill, you can use your camera to see who brought the bad apple.
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3. Access control for your workers

For companies large and small, remote intercoms for business give workers quick access, while providing a measure of security. Just like non-remote intercoms, there is an interface that allows entrants to punch in a code at the door. The added benefit is that those who are linked into the intercom system via their smartphone can see who is at the door.  

4. Track who goes through

With 128 MB or more of memory built-in to the monitor, the remote intercom system allows you to track who comes and goes. You can also initiate a call to the front door or gate from any location to view visitors.   Use this feature at your home or business for added peace of mind.

5. Benefits for those with disabilities

For folks who have a hard time getting around, having a remote intercom is almost like an invisible doorman who does everything short of physically opening the door for you. Unlock the door for guests with the touch of a screen. This puts elderly as well as people with disabilities at less risk of accident.
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