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SSS Siedle Video Intercom Systems Review

SSS Siedle is a high-level German manufacturer of industry-leading video and audio intercom systems for home and business applications. The company offers one of the widest ranges of advanced controlled access products, with the ultimate flexibility in viewing and listening stations plus easy integration with smart building and larger surveillance systems.
Once upon a time, homeowners in Connecticut or New Jersey could rely on simple door locks (which weren’t even locked half the time), and Manhattan apartment dwellers felt perfectly safe once they had the familiar vertical lineup of locks on their doors. Those days are gone.
Today, the type of security most tri-state area home and business owners require can only be guaranteed by an alarm system, coupled with a modern video intercom setup providing complete access control. SSS Siedle manufactures one of New York’s most popular video intercom systems, and DTV Installations clients select it regularly for their properties. Here is our full SSS Siedle Video Intercom Systems review.
Siedle Intercom (Steel Gold design)
SSS Siedle is a German firm which was a pioneer in the field of low-voltage telephony, producing its first telephones in the 19th century. Starting in the 1930s, Siedle began specializing in the production of in-home and door telephone systems, and created the “Portavox,” the world’s first door communication system. After the war Siedel became a leader in the field of home intercoms throughout Germany, and today its products are market leaders in Europe and throughout the Western world. The company has won numerous design awards for its products as well.
Siedle’s video intercom systems undergo some of the most stringent testing in the industry before they ever reach consumers, with every part and then every unit subjected to salt water, intense heat and cold, and repetitive stress.
It’s hard to imagine a more thorough manufacturing and quality control process, and the historically impressive performance and durability of Siedle’s video intercom systems reflect the care the firm takes in creating them.
Siedle Steel Panel intercom mounted on the glass wall
SSS Siedle’s systems provide complete flexibility for the home or business owner choosing “how much” of an intercom and controlled access setup they want, letting them select from an array of products which work seamlessly together.
  1. Video and audio door stations: There are three available styles of Siedle video stations, in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be installed at the doors of buildings. They have adjustable color cameras and backlighting to ensure a clear picture that can be transmitted to monitoring stations; the system can be integrated with existing closed-circuit camera installations, and fingerprint access control can be included as well. Siedle also offers the classic audio intercom door station in four styles, with either handsets or integrated speaker solutions.
  2. Video and audio indoor stations: Siedle manufactures an enormous variety of indoor video intercom stations, from 7-inch video panels to video telephones with speakers and headsets. More advanced options include the Siedle Scope (a combination of a cordless phone system with video intercom screens and local communication built in) and the Siedle App (putting the video intercom right onto your smartphone or tablet and providing access anywhere in the world). Traditional audio stations are available as well.
  3. Interfaces and other options: Siedle’s interfaces can connect your system to your television, your existing telephone system or your computer network, letting you see and/or hear your visitors wherever it’s most convenient. The video intercom system can also be integrated with smart home or business technology; a Siedle system can even provide users with the ability to lock or unlock access to specific floors in buildings with elevators, and guarantee “barrier-free” access for the disabled and hard-of-hearing. SSS Siedle video intercom systems also provide full access to recorded video and audio sessions at a later date, if needed.
Siedle Compact Audio Intercom
There’s very little an SSS Siedle video intercom system can’t do, either as a standalone controlled access system or as a component of a larger smart building or security installation. The quality of the company’s products is also high-level. It’s not difficult to see why Siedle is one of the top choices of expert NYC intercom installers and property owners concerned with high-level security and communication.
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