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What Rooms Are The Best Fit For Motorized Shades?

We install motorized shading systems. So we should probably answer that question by saying: “All of them!” And it really is true; motorized window treatments will fit perfectly in any room, and with any décor.

However, DTV Installations owner John Lysy says clients almost always want the convenience and ambience of motorized blinds in several key areas of their homes. Here’s a rundown of the latest trends.

motorized shades in a media room

Home Theaters or Media Rooms

We all know the drill: when it’s time to watch a movie at home, the entire family fans out to close the curtains or blinds – and the process works in reverse when the movie’s over. When you have a motorized shading system in your viewing room, though, a relaxing night with family or friends is truly relaxing; the blinds all open and close with just the push of a button on your remote control or smartphone, and can be adjusted as needed to eliminate glare.


Exhausted and dying for a catnap? You’d better remember to close the shades first. Trying to force yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off? Opening the blinds would help, but if you could muster up enough energy to get to the windows you wouldn’t need extra light in the first place.
Situations like those are why so many clients ask DTV Installations to put motorized shades into their master bedroom. Having the ability to close or open the blinds from the comfort of your bed may seem like a luxury at first. Once you’ve shut the light out (or let it in) while you’re half-asleep under the covers, though, you’ll wonder how you got along without remotely-controlled shades.
(There’s also the added advantage of suavely setting the mood in your bedroom with one tap on the remote – but we’ll leave that possibility to your imagination.)
Cathedral Ceiling sahdes photo by

Foyers and Rooms with Cathedral Ceilings

It’s usually assumed that any room with very high ceilings will always have light streaming in during the day, since it’s nearly impossible to close blinds which are ten-to-twenty feet above the floor. Unless, of course, you have DTV Installations take care of the problem with a motorized shading system. Controlling the amount of sunlight entering your foyer, or your dramatic living room with cathedral ceilings, will give you an entirely new appreciation of those rooms’ true beauty.
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