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You Got the Home Theater, Now Get Rid of the Glare!

Your shading system can provide more than a dark room. When searching for the right style of shade for your media room, consider these economic, aesthetic and insulation benefits.
Home theater with open shades
Whether you’re watching 2001: A Space Odyssey or Grown Ups 2, glares don’t discriminate based on taste. They also don’t care whether you’ve invested in a state-of-the-art HD home theater or are still rocking the CRT. A home theater is only as good as its view, and if you’ve made the investment in a good media system, why not solve a low-tech problem such as glares with a new shading system?
At DTV Installations, we have just the solution for anyone trying to kick back and catch a flick in the comfort of their own home. In addition to our home theater construction services, we also can install automated shading systems that fit the needs of your space. If it’s for a media room, you may want to consider which shades will best block out natural sunlight. 


Roller Shades are a popular style, both for their fashionable minimalism and their budget flexibility. With a flat weave design, the fabric takes up little space while effectively blocking out natural light. However, if you are looking for some added levels of insulation with your shades, roller shades can be the least effective. Common materials used in blackout roller shades are PVC, polyester or added acrylic foam backing.
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Honeycomb shades are great for home theaters. The cell space can be fitted with blackout materials such as Mylar to ensure that all natural sunlight is blocked. At the same time, the honeycomb style offers added insulation benefits to your room with the cells acting as a temperature buffer.

Savings can be upwards of $150 annually.

While some homeowners find the look of honeycomb less appealing than fabric or other materials, the honeycomb style’s efficiency cannot be denied.

Celluar shades lutron


Roman shades give your home theater a timeless elegance. The wide variety of materials that Roman shades can be made from—upwards of 400 types depending on the vendor—gives you a lot of style choice, even when it comes to blackout functionality. Depending on the material you choose, you can ensure that your shades provide added insulation to your room as well.
roman shades for home theater

Added benefits of automation

By automating your shades, you don’t have to concern yourself with the safety pros and cons of these options. When considering non-automated shading systems, you have to worry about the nearly 5 million types of shading systems that have been recalled in the last several years.
While a roller shade is safer than roman and honeycomb because it doesn’t use strings and loops - which are choking hazards - using an automated system eliminates this risk with a universal remote. For this reason, you’re free to choose your shade based on beauty and functionality… without a worry about possible health risks!
Call DTV Installations today 888-428-3330 to finally fix that pesky glare issue. We’ll help you make a decision about what shades are best for your personal needs.
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