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Shedding Light On Home Automation – With Nest And Lutron Systems

Nest learning thermostats, and Lutron lighting and motorized shades, are two of the best home automation systems on the market. They’re perfect for an integrated smart home solution, able to control everything from heating and air conditioning to alarm systems and lighting, all from one remote. As an authorized dealer for both Nest and Lutron, DTV Installations can set up the entire unified system at rock-bottom prices.
Smart Home with Lutron Energy Control Systems
We’ve all become spoiled. Instead of getting up to change the TV channel, we just reach for the remote. Instead of getting up to turn up the heat or air conditioning, we program our thermostats to do it for us. Instead of going into the kitchen to get a drink, we ask the kids to do it for us.
Home automation hasn’t had any effect on that last example; parents have been “taking advantage” of their kids for years. But when it comes to controlling our home entertainment, our heating and air conditioning and our appliances, automation has made our lives a lot easier – and more energy efficient as well.
Overview Lutron Home Automation Products
The Nest smart thermostat has had a lot to do with the evolution of smart homes. It’s able to learn your heating and AC preferences and adjust the indoor climate automatically. Nest can also work hand-in-hand with the other smart systems in your house.
One of the coolest integrations we often perform at DTV Installations is setting up Lutron automated lighting and motorized shades systems to work seamlessly with Nest.
Lutron is the leading company in the controllable lighting industry, with an enormous variety of high-end lighting and motorized shading systems available for homes and businesses. And Lutron products all have the “Works With Nest” designation, meaning they can be fully integrated into a unified whole-home solution. As an authorized dealer for both companies, DTV Installations is intimately familiar with all Lutron and Nest products and the ways they can work with easy-to-use third-party home automation software, to give owners full control over their home’s environment.
Lutron Lighting Control App for Smartphone

How do the two systems work together? Here are just three examples.


  1. A Lutron installation allows you to create lighting and shades setups known as “scenes,” which are specific to a room or a zone in the house. You might have a pre-set evening scene, for instance, in which the home’s lights dim and the shades close in order to facilitate TV viewing. When a Nest thermostat is integrated into the system, your “evening scene” could also include raising the temperature in the home by a few degrees to keep out the nighttime chill.
  2. You can create scheduled “events” in a Lutron system, such as turning on the bedroom lights and opening the shades when it’s time to wake up. When Lutron and Nest are working together, you can easily add other home automation functions into the same event schedule. For example, you could program your thermostat so that your bathroom is toasty-warm by the time your lights come on, and set your “Works With Nest” espresso machine so that it has your latte ready for you when you get out of the shower.
  3. Nest’s smoke and carbon dioxide detection system (which makes you eligible for home insurance savings from most companies) can be integrated with Lutron products as well, so if there’s an environmental problem in your home the system can be programmed to turn on all lights in the home, to make sure you wake up immediately
Nest Protect smoke alarm detecting fire
The Lutron/Nest pairing can be controlled from anywhere in the home, or by using your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world. And our DTV Installations professionals can customize and program the system to your exact specifications, at a price so low you might be shocked. Just give us a call to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and quote.
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