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The Three Best Central Vacuum Systems For Pet Hair

The only way you can really clean up stubborn pet hair is with a central vacuum system – but they’re not all the same. Check out our suggestions for the three systems which will get rid of that hair and leave your home smelling cleaner, too.

There are always small annoyances – and sometimes, big ones – when you own a pet. Housebreaking the dog or getting the cat to stop ripping apart the furniture can be a chore. Those problems pale in comparison, though, to the never-ending chore of cleaning up ALL THAT HAIR.

During shedding season, even short-haired pets leave an impossibly massive trail of hair wherever they go. Canister, upright and hand-held vacuums specifically marketed as “pet hair vacuums” usually don’t have enough power to deal with the huge, matted clumps that dogs and cats thoughtfully leave behind for us. And they don’t get rid of pollutants like pet dander, which stay in the air long after the machine is turned off.

What you really need is a strong central vacuum system designed for the job – whether you have a constantly-shedding German shepherd or sheepdog, or a sweet tabby who seems to delight in turning your dark couch into an orange and white blanket of hair. Courtesy of DTV Installations owner John Lysy, here’s a look at the best choices.

CanaVac Pet Central Vacuum Systems

There are four levels of this central vacuum created specifically for homes with pets, but you probably don’t want their budget offering (the CanaVac Pet Bronze) because it has a lesser motor and doesn’t have HEPA membrane filters to remove pet dander and odors from the air. The higher-level models have those HEPA filters, and more powerful Ametek/Lamb motors for more suction: 600 airwatts and 101 CFM airflow for medium-sized houses (Silver), 710 airwatts and 139 CFM airflow created by an ESP (extra suction power) motor (Gold), or an even larger ESP motor with 808 airwatts of suction power and a whopping 169 CFM airflow (Platinum) for larger homes with lots of pets – and pet hair.

As central vacuums go, these are quiet machines with sound levels between 55dB and 62dB depending on the model. They also have high-capacity storage canisters (which can be used either bagless or with a bag) which hold nine gallons of dust, dirt and hair, so they don’t have to be emptied often. And the units all come with a 25-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the body.

Some central vacuums aren’t built with the messy problem of pet hair in mind, so they’re not equipped to do the job efficiently and completely. CanaVac understands the problem, and provides the solution.

Imperium CV3800 Filtered Cyclonic Central Vacuum

While not designed to combat pet dander and odor (it has a Micro-Tex filter similar to that on the CanaVac Bronze, not a HEPA filter), this monster Imperium unit doesn’t just pick up pet hair; it has enough power to suck the hair right off of your pet if you’re not careful. A pair of two-stage motors generates an amazing 1040 airwatts and 220 CFM airflow, enough suction to grab every last piece of hair and dirt in a mansion. That means more noise (74dB), but impressive cleaning abilities. There’s a can capacity of almost 10 gallons.

The capabilities of this system – not to mention the huge price tag – may make the Imperium too much for your home. But it will certainly make short work of pet hair.

Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit

A smaller unit, the Electrolux PU3650 is a nice, lower-priced alternative for medium-to-large homes with pets. It has a self-cleaning HEPA filter and a two-stage motor which gives you 600 airwatts at 125 CFM airflow, enough juice to get most pet hair out of your hair with ease while also removing dander and pet odor from the air. The company doesn’t provide detailed information on the unit’s dB level, only saying its patented technology keeps noise to a minimum.

The can capacity of this unit is just 4 gallons, but emptying the dirt more often could be a small price to pay for a central vacuum with the Electrolux name and the features you need to completely clean up after your dogs and cats.

DTV Installations can quickly and efficiently install any of these units – or any other you may prefer – to finally give you the upper hand in your battle against pet hair.


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