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Beautiful, Customized Mirror TVs For Every Room Of The House

The amazing new high-tech Vanishing TV Mirror from Séura actually puts an HDTV display right inside one section of the mirror; you can watch television and work at the same time. When you’re done, turning off the television simply leaves a beautiful designer mirror hanging on the wall.
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When you’re shaving, styling your hair, putting on makeup or doing something else that requires working in front of a mirror, one thing’s for certain: even if you have a bedroom or bathroom TV, you can’t watch it. All you can do is listen to the TV audio until you’ve finished up in the mirror.
Until now, that is – thanks to an amazing new high-end TV for the bathroom.
The Séura Mirror TV actually puts a waterproof TV screen right inside of a gorgeous custom-designed mirror. When the television is turned off, the product functions as a top-quality mirror. Turn on the TV, and you see an outstanding digital video display in one area of the mirror. Done watching? Turn off the television, and all anyone can see is a beautiful mirror on the wall.

You can only get this incredible Séura Mirror Waterproof TV from a few authorized dealers and installers around the country – and DTV Installations is one of them.

The Séura waterproof TV for bathrooms and vanities is designed to have perfect reflective properties, so it’s an ideal mirror for detail work. But the video you see when you turn on the television is a wonderful, full 1080p HDTV picture (600p on the smallest mirror size) with vibrant color and detail.
Every Séura mirror HDTV is designed to your specifications, so when you order you can choose how much of the mirror will display the LCD TV picture, and where on the mirror it will be shown. The product is waterproof, so there’s no problem using it right over a sink. And the quality is absolutely superb; only one other company makes a product like this, and it’s not even close in terms of workmanship.
There are a number of size and style options you can select for your LCD mirror TV. Available mirror sizes are 24 x 36, 33 x 36 and 45 x 36 inches, TV display sizes can be 10, 19 or 27 inch, and there are more than 100 different designer frames available from traditional to modern styles. The framed TVs can also be recessed into the wall, if you desire.
Séura also offers a series of Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors designed for living spaces; they appear to be decorative mirrors hung on the wall – until the TV is turned on and a stunning, bright HDTV or 4K image appears. Your hidden TV is available in sizes from 32 inches up to 85 inches, and the screen is designed for maximum video brightness and clarity.
Séura is American tech company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. An award-winning manufacturer of Television Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions, Outdoor Televisions, and Lighted Mirrors. Founded in 2003, Séura delivers unsurpassed visual entertainment in surprisingly innovative and elegant ways and does so with a customer-centric approach that drives its solution-based products. 
The HDTV mirror is a high-end designer product, and the mirror TV price reflects that fact.  For general guidance, the regular bathroom/vanity mirror TVs cost around $1999 (including installation), while the largest entertainment model can cost as much as $40,000, installation included. However, your final mirror TV cost will depend on a number of factors, including:
  • The overall size of the mirror TV
  • How much of the mirror’s face will display video
  • TV Mounting surface (drywall, bricks, marble, over fireplace)
  • The frame design (there more than 100 options)
  • Shape and materials used to craft the mirror so it matches the room’s décor
As we’ve mentioned, DTV Installations is one of the few authorized dealers able to supply and install the Séura line of Vanishing TV Mirrors; you can’t buy them in a store or directly from the company.
We’re able to order a custom-designed Séura mirror HDTV for you, and expertly install it so it fits perfectly in your room. DTV will also have an experienced, licensed electrician on hand for professional installation of outlets and any needed wiring, including in-wall plenum cables (if needed) to ensure against fire hazard. All wiring is done in full compliance with state electrical codes.
Once you decide on the TV mirror you’d like, we take care of everything else from start to finish. Some packages even include free “white glove” delivery and installation. Every mirror HDTV can be controlled via a regular remote or smart phone, but we can also integrate them into any existing or new home automation system. And we warranty all parts and labor for one full year.
One of these unique, transformative TV mirrors will not only make your bathroom, vanity or other living space more functional than ever, but also turn it into a cool, high-tech showplace! 
We would be delighted to make an in-person visit, to provide free design consultation services and a no-obligation estimate for a Séura TV Mirror which will make your home the envy of the neighborhood – that is, if you want to let visitors know that there’s really a hidden TV in that gorgeous mirror on your wall.
Contact DTV Installations sales team today for more information, and we’ll get the process started 

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