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Ready For Some Unique Custom TV Installation Ideas?

The DTV Installations team is constantly asked to suggest the “perfect” custom TV setup. Their response is always the same: only a homeowner and his (or her) family know what’s “perfect,” because they’re the ones who’ll be using the system on a daily basis
What many of those clients are really asking, though, is for more interesting alternatives to today’s standard custom TV installations – something more unique than the usual flat-screen monitor mounted on a living room wall or housed in a custom cabinet with all of the system’s components.
The owner of DTV Installations, John Lysy, is happy to help.
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Multiple Screens

Remember the first time you ever saw a television that had “picture in picture” capability? It seemed downright futuristic at the time. Today’s hottest new custom TV installation idea takes the concept much further: two, or even more, flat screen televisions on the same wall. This setup is naturally a godsend for sports fans. 

DTV Custom Home Theater Projects

But multiple screens can allow you to easily experience the “second screen viewing experience” that many TV networks now provide with chat, commentary or additional programming running simultaneously on a separate internet channel. A second monitor can also take the place of your smartphone, tablet or laptop for the social networking and surfing you usually do while watching TV, or even allow family members to watch different programs while still spending time together.

Social Networking TVs

If you don’t want to go the two-screen route, there’s an easier solution which is quickly gaining popularity. Many models of smart TVs, including some from Samsung and Panasonic, allow you to bring up a social networking window right next to the traditional viewing screen. Just by having DTV Installations set up the right television, you can watch a show and chat about it live, on the same screen.
TV mounted over fireplace

Put the TV Above the Fireplace

The centerpiece of many living spaces is a beautiful fireplace. Installing a new flat-screen TV right above the fireplace creates a stunning design statement and is becoming a popular choice among clients, according to John Lysy. However, there are two important issues to consider. If the fireplace is used regularly, the heat and smoke could damage the screen and electronics. And in a small room, staring at a television mounted high on the wall could make your sore neck more memorable than the movie you just watched. Only choose “above the fireplace” if the fireplace is primarily for show, and your room is large.
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