FAQ - Shading systems

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need motorized shades?
  1. Motorized shades are a great option for windows in hard to reach places, where manually operating the shade is either inconvenient or impossible.
  2. At the same time, motorized shades save energy and, therefore, money. Lutron Fabric roller shades, for example, save you - on average - between 25% and 50% on your energy billsFor more about energy savings, click here
  3. Battery operated shades will also save you lots of money on installation, since there is no need to run any wires, or doing any patching or painting after that.
  4. Of course, there is more to shades than their price. Motorized shades can fit any design. Choose from thousands of fabrics to satisfy your needs -from roller shades to honeycomb, wooden or plastic blinds as well as vertical or horizontal drapery.... more about Lutron shades here


Do shades offer UV protection?

Shades offer a great first defense against the damaging effects that UV rays have. Unprotected furniture and flooring can fade - just to name one of the many effects UV rays have on your home. When it comes to our non-sheer products, blockage ranges between 98% and 99%. However, sheer material is still capable of nearly 88% blockage with the vanes open.

How do I choose & order motorized shades?
You can do both by simply calling DTV at 888-428-3330 and scheduling a FREE appointment for measuring design and consultation.  Our experts will arrive at your home or business and help you choose the shades that fit your unique needs - be it honeycomb, roller shade, wood or plastic blinds, among others.
We will help you select the color from thousands of samples to simplify the process and make it hassle free for you.
How will the shades get power?
We offer a wide variety of motorized shades that are battery powered, eliminating the need to cut holes or drill into your walls to run wires. Batteries need to be replaced only once every 4-5 years, depending on how often you use your shades.
While battery is an option if your home or business is already finished (i.e. the drywall is up and all walls are painted), should you still be in the process of construction or renovation it is better to run wires and connect the shades to them so that you don’t have to replace the batteries.
How loud is the motor?

Our preferred manufacturer, Lutron, makes the quietest near silent motors in the world, measuring only 38 dba (decibels) at 1 meter! You don't hear it at all! See the LOUDNESS COMPARISON CHART (dBA)

How do I operate my motorized shades?

Our factory-trained licensed installers can install multiple operating methods. We can program your Lutron "PICO" remote control or setup your smartphone or tablet. Lastly, if you have a home automation system, we can integrate your motorized shades into the system.

Do I need an Internet connection?

You will need Internet with Wi-Fi connection if you want to have the option of controlling your motorized shades from your smartphone.

What type of remotes can you program?
I already have a remote control… can you program it to work with shades? Universal remote controls from URC, Savant, Crestron, Control4 and Logitech can be programed to work with our motorized shading systems.
We also offer a small Lutron “PICO” remote. If you don’t yet have an automation system, you can see your options here
Do you only work with Lutron?

Yes, we only work with Lutron. They are the most reputable company in the country, and offer reliable 24/7 Tech Support.

Who do I contact if my shades are not working?
DTV provides a one-year FREE warranty on all products and installations. During the first year we will replace or repair any shades or blinds at no cost to you unless there is physical or weather damage.
On top of that, Lutron offers extended warranty plans to cover your blinds.
How reliable are motorized shades?

Based on our experience they are very reliable. For the past seven years we serviced only 11 of the almost 1000 job sites we worked on, which makes service calls just 1% of our business.

How do I clean these shades?
Thankfully, your shade system requires little cleaning attention. With a low suction, hand-held vacuum or basic feather duster, you can keep your shading system looking brand new.
Please note that not only are liquid cleaners not necessary, they are to be completely avoided when cleaning your motorized shades.
Do you supply all necessary components for installation?

DTV is an authorized dealer and factory trained installer for Lutron. We supply and deliver all of the products you need, making the process hassle free.