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CCTV Cameras Installation | Queens, NY

Many home and business owners understandably feel the need to install a closed-circuit television system for surveillance of their property. This Jamaica, Queens CCTV project gave the client a full, real-time view of the entire outside of his property and recorded all video feeds for months on a network DVR. The work was completed in less than a day at a very reasonable price.
two high-quality cameras installed on either side of his building
It’s unfortunate, but certainly understandable, that many of today’s home and business owners feel the need to install a closed-circuit television surveillance system for their property. That was the situation a client in Jamaica, Queens faced recently, and he called DTV Installations to design and create a CCTV system for his private property.
cctv camera mounted on the building in queens, ny
We first installed two high-quality cameras on either side of his building, positioning them so that property owner would have optimal views of the entire yard, the front walkway and the front stairs. We then ran strong ½-inch aluminum pipes as conduits for the wiring that runs from the cameras into the building; the conduits prevent the wiring from being damaged over time, and also protect the wires from any would-be vandals or burglars looking to interrupt the video feed.


Indoors, the system is connected to a network DVR with a built-in hard drive capable of holding up to 20 TB of data, enough to record and save the video feeds from both cameras for many months at a time.
The entire project was completed by our experienced DTV installers in five hours, at a very reasonable price.
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