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Home Theater Replacement | Brooklyn Penthouse Apartment

There’s nothing worse than an ugly home theater installation which is potentially dangerous – unless it’s placed right in the middle of a spectacular penthouse view of Brooklyn and Manhattan. DTV Installations repaired, reinstalled and upgraded the system, saving space, improving the home theater experience, and creating a showplace room to match the view.
Mounting new tv bracket on a new reinforsed wall
Not all of our DTV Installations projects are simple jobs. This beautiful Brooklyn penthouse is in a new high-rise building near the Brooklyn Bridge with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the view, but had an old home theater system which had been installed incorrectly. The monitor was mounted on an improper bracket which was simply welded to a metal beam, with flimsy shelves below the bracket. It was strikingly unattractive – and potentially dangerous.
New speakers installed
The client called us to make things right without wasting any space, and here’s how we did it. First, we removed all of the old hardware and patched the wall (after taking the monitor down, of course!). The wall was reinforced and refinished in order to properly handle the new installation, and we mounted new equipment shelves to the side of the beam, built and finished to blend in perfectly. All wiring was run behind the wall and to the side shelves, so it couldn’t be seen.
A new TV on the bracket and connected with X2100W Denon Polk Speakers and a Polk oudio subwoofer installed
Finally, we remounted the HD monitor with the proper, durable hardware and installed new audio equipment for the home theater, including a new Denon AVR-X2100W 7.1 channel surround sound receiver and Polk Audio speakers and subwoofers to complete the room.
Home Theater Replacement in Brooklyn  Penthouse Apartment
This had been a spectacular Brooklyn penthouse with an eyesore installed right in the middle of the room. The client would up with a custom rebuild, and a home theater that featured a modern widescreen monitor matching the spectacular views of New York behind it.
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