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Projector and CCTV Camera Installation in Brooklyn, NY

A Brooklyn, NY restaurant enters into the modern video era with a centrally-controlled ceiling mounted 3D HD projector and 120-inch motorized screen, a recessed HDTV in the bar, and a complete closed-circuit TV system allowing the owner to monitor and record all activity in his establishment. DTV Installations was able to do all the professional work seamlessly, and provide preferred-client equipment discounts as well.

Optoma 3D 1080P DLP

A DTV Installations client needed three different video systems at his restaurant in Brooklyn, NY: a full-sized high-def video projector and large-screen combination in the main seating area, an HDTV at the bar, and a complete closed-circuit television installation so he could monitor activity at the restaurant when he was at home or on the road. We were pleased to deliver a free quotation for the work, and after client approval, we got started.

We installed video projector

First, we supplied and installed a state-of-the-art Optoma 3D 1080P DLP video projector, mounted unobtrusively on the ceiling with a strong and durable Peerless mount. It was able to project high-definition 3D video in perfect clarity and color onto a high-end Draper 120-inch motorized screen, which could be raised and hidden away when not in use.

Draper 120-inch motorized screen
Electric Motorized Drop Down Projection Projector Screen

Next, we provided professional installation for a Samsung 55-inch HDTV, recessed perfectly into bar area shelving and appearing as if it had always been there. Since all of the equipment running the projector system and the HDTV was secured out of the sight of customers, we added a URC Total Control System as a hub for the entire installation, and then supplied and programmed an advanced URC TRC-1280 LCD WiFi remote control which can communicate through the cabinets and walls.

Samsung 55­inch HDTV
The final part of the project was the closed­circuit TV system. We supplied and installed a 1TB, four­channel Hickvision DS­7604NI­SE/P NVR (network video recorder) fed by four high-definition IP cameras. This system allows the owner to watch activity inside the restaurant from any location, while recording all camera feeds for later review or archiving.
Security camera installed
All work was completed in quick order and without complications. The client was delighted with the final results – and with the deep discounts he received on all of the equipment, as a DTV customer.
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