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Home Installation of Video Intercom | Upstate New York

This project involved the installation of a new video intercom system in a private home in Upstate New York. The system which replaced an older one, will provide better system control and enhanced security.
The Older Intercom System

The existing intercom unit was outdated. Most important it lacked video monitoring capabilities.

Existing Intercom Wiring

Installers inspected the wiring used for the old unit and found them compatible with the new system. Therefore there was no need to do any rewiring.

The New COMELIT HFX700M Intercom System

With the newly installed video COMELIT HFX700M intercom system, one can now hear and see who is at the door.

c3.5 in LCD color monitor Main Indoor Video and Audio Station

The main indoor station features an easy to use interface with a variety of settings that can be changed as wished. This unit can also record video feed onto an SD card. 

Front Door COMELIT Intercom Unit With Doorbell

The front door unit comes with a doorbell and a wide angle camera lens. The camera provides a clear view both during the day and at night.

Backyard COMELIT Intercom Unit Upstate New York

The backyard COMELIT intercom unit also has a monitor. This comes handy during those times when you are in your backyard and someone is at the door. 

Backyard Unit in Weatherproof Housing
Because the monitor at the backyard station is not designed for outdoor use, the whole unit had to be housed in a weatherproof casing. 
The cost of the whole intercom installations including 8 units, equipment and labor came to $3,500. The best thing about it all is that  it only took three technicians one day to complete all planned work. This saved the client a lot of time. 
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