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Intercom & Magnetic Door Locks Installation | Manhattan, NY

DTV, an authorized dealer in all major intercom systems, worked on a project of installing an intercom system and magnetic door locks in a building on Lower East Side. DTV supplied all equipment, which saved the client the hassle.

To ensure adequate security, a high end German video intercom system was installed. This unit is equipped with a built-in camera to see whoever is at the entrance.

Preparing for Intercom Installation

One of the biggest advantages of using DTV is that we don’t have to tear through walls to install an intercom system. 

Wiring for Intercom Unit Lower East Side, NY

The skilled technical team installed all the units and wiring with minimal invasion of the walls. This purhaps saved the client around $15,000 in wall repair costs. 

Installed Video Intercom Unit Lower East Side, NY

When a doorbell is rang, now you can see who it is before opening. The camera in the unit transmits live video feed. 

Magnetic Door Lock Lower East Side, NY
In addition to installing the intercom system, DTV also installed magnetic door locks. 
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