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Motorized Lutron Shades, HDTV & WiFi System | Luxury Condo, New York City

A New York condo with multi-million dollar views deserves the ultimate in A/V equipment, Internet connectivity and motorized shades. This DTV Installations project features four Samsung large-screen 4K HDTVs, Apple Airport Extreme WiFi access points, and custom-made high-end Lutron Sivoia QS Triathalon shading systems which black out the bedrooms but still allow amazing views from the living room and kitchen, even when closed.
Motorized Lutron Shades Installation | Luxury Condo, NYC
We were pleased when we got a call from a new client who owns a luxury condo in New York City, but lives in Florida for most of the year. He didn’t want to deal with a number of different providers from a thousand miles away, so he was searching for a reputable, highly-recommended New York company which could do it all: provide the equipment and install high-end video, WiFi and motorized shades in his New York condo. After seeing all of our great reviews on Yelp, he called DTV Installations to handle the job.

Our owner, John Lysy, met the client at the condo for three on-site consultations, showing him a number of options for A/V equipment and shades and preparing a free estimate. Once we agreed on a plan, we ordered the equipment and started the job.

QS Triathlon motorized shades

A/V Installations & Networking

The project began with audio/visual and Internet work. We installed four high-end Samsung large-screen 4K TVs throughout the condo, hung on four Peerless ultra-slim full-motion mounts with no exposed cables and all equipment hidden from view. We then added two Niels infrared signal extenders to allow control of the hidden A/V equipment from most areas of the condo.
We installed ultra slim full motion mounts
Samsung large­screen 4K
Samsung 4k tv
Lighting Lutron Shades

Two Sonos amplifiers to ensure high-quality audio throughout. And for uninterrupted, high-speed Internet connectivity for all devices throughout the home, we installed Apple Airport Extreme WiFi access points with 802.11ac support.

Two Sonos amplifiers

Lutron Motorized Shades 

The most important element of this project, from the client’s perspective, was the motorized shades. We ordered, supplied and installed gorgeous, custom-made Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon motorized shades, manufactured for this installation in Pennsylvania. These shades allow the client to fully control operation of the window treatments with the touch of a button. We used 100% blackout shades in the bedrooms, but opted for 10% open shades in the living room and kitchen; these are 10% transparent, so even when they’re closed they still allow the client to enjoy his multi-million dollar New York skyline views. 

Motorized shades
Lutron Sivoia QS

We finished off the installation with a Nest Learning thermostat system to control the heat and A/C.

Temperature control and adjustment of the motorized shades
Motorized shades in New York kitchen

10% transparent shades in the kitchen
Lutron Sivoia QS Triathalon shading systems
Shades in the bathroom New York
100% blackout shades in the bedrooms
Lutron Shades in the bedroom
Thermostat  Nest
Switch for motorized shades
The entire project was completed in just three (3) days at a cost of $36,000. The client was delighted with the final outcome – and with his decision to call DTV Installations.
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