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Motorized Shades & Projector Home Theater | Manhattan High-Rise Apartment

Creating a combination motorized shading and home theater system which works seamlessly is not a problem for DTV Installations. We designed and installed this system for a high-end Midtown Manhattan high-rise apartment, which provided amazing video and fully controlled the Lutron shading system, all from a single remote, while leaving the stunning view of Midtown intact
Motorized shades and Home Theeater  Project in Manhattan, NY Windows with closed shades

This gorgeous Midtown high-rise has a spectacular view overlooking Manhattan. The client wanted a projection home theater in a room with large windows showcasing the view; that meant the quality of the electronics had to be complemented by a custom motorized shading system, so ambient light wouldn’t wash out the video display.

We started by installing the necessary equipment in the master bedroom’s closet, to keep it completely out of the way. We then added and programmed an MRF-350 infrared radio frequency extender so everything (including the home theater and the motorized shades) could be controlled by an MX-1200 universal remote control.

Shades also can be synced with each other or operate separately


Home theater installation project Manhattan NY

Next, it was time for the shading. The client chose both the color of the stunning Lutron shades, and the ways in which they could be controlled: from a remote, a smartphone, or buttons located on the wall. We installed the motorized shading to run all the way along the entire length of the apartment – and built custom fasciae to match the look of the apartment, so the shades would appear seamless with no gaps or overlaps visible along the tops of the shades.

Painting customized panel for shades
Technicians at work installing motorized shades
Finally, we completed the home theater installation by mounting a large motorized Draper projection screen which rolls down for viewing and retracts completely when not in use, installing a top-of-the-line Optoma projector on a high-end Peerless projector mount, and running electric power to each.
Motorized projector screen for home theater in Manhattan
motorized Draper projection screen

This project took four (4) days to complete, primarily because of the amount of custom fascia work required – but the client was thrilled with the new state-of-the-art home theater and motorized shading system which blends in perfectly with its upscale surroundings and leaves the fabulous view of Manhattan unobscured.

Home theater projector screen
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