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Outdoor Audio System | Darien, CT

Running some wires and hooking up some speakers isn’t the proper way to set up an outdoor sound system. One example of the right way to do things is this installation at a Darien, CT. home, with high-end, outdoor-rated Polk speakers and a Sonos Connect:AMP amplifier. The sound is perfect, the equipment can withstand any weather, and the entire system can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.
Outdoor Audio System  Darien, CT
When you own a beautiful suburban home with plenty of outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining, the sounds of birds, crickets or passing cars don’t always provide the right ambience – you’re going to want to be able to listen to music as well. Many people just buy some speakers and run wires to their indoor audio receiver. Even if they choose all-weather speakers and the proper cables, though, they’re still stuck having to run into the house every time they want to adjust the volume or change a CD.
Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers white

One of our DTV Installations clients in Darien, CT. wanted a more permanent outdoor audio solution, and we had just the right plan. We mounted strategically-placed high-end Polk Atrium 6 outdoor-rated speakers to the sides of the home (using white speakers to match the color of the house), and powered them with a Sonos Connect:AMP amplifier. The high-performance Polk speakers are not only considered weatherproof by the manufacturer, they exceed the standards set by the U.S. military for outdoor equipment making them the perfect choice for often-rugged Connecticut winters. The Sonos amp provides 55 watts per channel, with full Sonos connectivity to the home’s sound system.

We used white speakers to match the color of the house

The real beauty of this installation – other than the stellar sound it produces throughout the property – is that the Sonos amplifier is wireless, so it can be fully controlled by any smartphone or tablet. The client was able to control his outdoor audio from anywhere on the patio or in the yard – and was absolutely thrilled. We completed the entire project in just over half-a-day.

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