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Contemporary Home Theater Installation | Darien, CT (Master Bedroom)

Just because a home theater will only be used by the client, there’s no reason to cut corners with the installation. This master bedroom audio/video system, installed in a spectacularly-redesigned master bedroom in Darien, CT., perfectly matches the contemporary look of the room with all cables and equipment hidden, ideal sight lines, and an infrared extender to allow all remotes to work exactly as intended.
One of our DTV Installations clients had an exquisitely-redesigned master bedroom – which was crying out for an equally exquisite home theater. The client already had the HDTV, but needed an A/V design which would match the room’s contemporary, clean look. We developed a plan, and after the customer’s approval we got to work.
Flat­screen HDTV monitor over the bedroom dresser

We decided to install the flat-screen HDTV monitor over the bedroom dresser, where there would be perfect sight lines from the bed; it made sense to place the home theater equipment in one of the dresser drawers. We started by snaking cables through the wall to connect directly between the television and the equipment concealed in the dresser – without being visible, of course – and we installed a new electrical outlet which would be hidden by the HDTV. Once all the wiring was in place, we hung the high-definition television in the proper position, and connected the cables through the back of the dresser to the home theater equipment stored there.

Flat­screen HDTV monitor installed
There was one important detail left, though. Remote controls often won’t work when equipment is hidden behind doors or walls, so in those cases it’s necessary to install an infrared repeater system to let the signals reach their intended destination. We used a Xantech IR extender to accomplish this task, and the client was able to effortlessly control his brand-new, beautiful home theater system from the comfort of bed.
This entire project only took the DTV Installations professionals three hours to complete.
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