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HDTV Mounting in Children's’ Bedroom | New York, New York

It took just hours to mount and install a large, flat screen HDTV and all of its required power, cables and equipment in a New York, New York client’s childrens’ bedroom. The system was placed in a nearby closet with an infrared extender, to allow use of remote controls throughout the room while maintaining the slick, cable-free look of the bedroom.
HDTV Mounting in Children's’ Bedroom
A family that loved the work we’d done for them in the past called DTV Installations with a new assignment. They needed an HDTV mounted in their New York, NY home to complement the slick, modern look of the kids’ bedroom. Naturally, we were happy to provide an estimate and (after receiving the go-ahead) get to work on the project.
The client already had the television, a large Samsung flat screen, which made this project a snap. We installed two electrical outlets, one on the wall where the HDTV would be hung, and another in a nearby closet (more about that shortly). Then we hung the television, using a Peerless Ultra-Slim Universal Tilt Wall Mount which only extended about an inch from the wall and gave the installation a perfect, cable-free look.
Samsung flat screen
All of the required video equipment was placed inside the closet we mentioned, located just a few feet from the HDTV, to maintain the “clean” appearance of the room. That called for the use of a Niles infrared remote control extender which we also installed in the closet. This IR extender allows the client to use remotes anywhere in the room to control the equipment, even with the closet doors closed. We finished by supplying and installing a state-of-the-art 1080p/64 GB Apple TV (4th Generation) and connected it to the system with ProFlex 4K HDMI cables.
Once again we had satisfied repeat clients, and the entire job took just a few hours.
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