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Modern TV & Soundbar Installation with Hidden Remote Control Operation | NYC

A modern and clean look for the installation of two 4K Smart TVs and all related equipment was the goal, and it was accomplished in 12 hours by DTV Installations. The HDTVs, Apple TVs, Sonos wireless soundbar, signal extenders, a new WiFi system, power filters and new cabling was all installed – but nothing is visible in the room except the beautiful TV monitors hung on the walls, and the two remote controls.
DTV Installations was contacted by a client who wanted two wide-screen 4K HDTVs hung on her walls so that only the TV monitors would be visible; all other equipment would be hidden out of site for a clean and modern look. That’s right up our alley, and we were happy to provide a free site survey and proposal, and start work with her approval.
Preparing wall for TV Mounting in NYC building
Installed socket for  Samsung UN55JU6500 55-inch Ultra-HD 4K Smart TV
We began in the living room, where we hung a Samsung UN55JU6500 55-inch Ultra-HD 4K Smart TV, on a full-motion Sanus Super-Slim mount. We installed a 4th generation 32GB Apple TV behind the monitor, and underneath it we hung a Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar for high-quality surround-sound audio. In the bedroom, we then supplied and installed a Samsung UN50JU7100 50-inch Ultra-HD 4K Smart TV, hung on a Super-Slim tilt mount and again with an Apple TV unit behind the monitor.
Modern TV & Soundbar Installation with Hidden Remote Control Operation  NYC (project preview pic)
Samsung UN50JU7100 50 Smart LED 4K Ultra HD TV,  Apple TV 32GB (4th generation), HDMI OVER CAT 5 kit, I

In each room, we took a similar approach to wiring and additional equipment. Category 5e HDMI over Ethernet cable was run through the walls to handle the HDTVs, terminating in closets where the client’s cable boxes were hidden. We used infra-red signal extenders to allow remote control of the equipment through the walls and closet doors, and also installed an APC power filter and conditioner to protect against power surges or other issues.

Samsung UN55JU6500 55 Smart LED 4K HD TV SONOS PLAY BAR, apple tv 4, ir extender x2
Finally, we installed an Apple AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi base station to improve connectivity for the Smart TVs and the rest of the home, and supplied and programmed two MX-780 universal remote controls to handle the entire system.

Mission accomplished: full high-def video and audio setups in two rooms along with upgraded Internet connectivity – but all that’s visible are the two beautiful HDTV monitors. The work took DTV Installations 12 hours to complete, for well under $8,000 (including generous equipment discounts thanks to our authorized dealer status). And the client was delighted.

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