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Seura 46” Mirror TV | Manhattan, NY

Elegance and Entertainment in One Amazing Television
Distinctive design, powerful visuals and unrivaled beauty DTV Installations in Manhattan NY.jpg

It’s rare to find a television that provides you with a premium viewing experience without compromising your décor. But the Seura 46” Mirror Television does so perfectly well. With amazing picture quality and a highly innovative design, it will transform any room into a haven. The following installation, including the television and the audio setup, was done by DTV Installations for a customer in Manhattan, NY.

Seura’s exclusive technology delivers an unrivalled image quality with breathtaking colors. Whether you are watching a movie, a newscast or sports, the vivid colors transport you right into the moment. The décor friendly low profile ceiling speakers ensure an immersive audio experience.   
Distinctive design, powerful visuals and unrivaled beauty; these words perfectly describe the Seura 46” Mirror Television. Through DTV Installations, you can also enjoy all these benefits of the Seura Mirror TV.  
The television is managed through a URC MX-780 universal remote control

To keep the design slim and unobtrusive, the power supply unit and other accessories are stored separately in the closet. Cables run behind the set, well out of view. This ensures and neat, uncluttered look. The television is managed through a URC MX-780 universal remote control.

Turning off the TV brings to light one of the best features yet; the jaw-dropping, crispy-clear screen mirror. The highly reflective mirror, combined with the custom frame creates a luxe look for the bedroom. 

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