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TV Mounting & Thermostat Installation | Manhattan, NY

A single project completed for a Manhattan, NY client combined mounting a flat-screen HDTV and installing smart home temperature and humidity control. The high-def television displayed perfect video with no visible wiring, and the smart NEST thermostat provided home climate automation
TV braket and electrical outlet behind the area where the TV would be placed

Most of the time, a TV mounting company can’t handle home climate control too. After all, people whose primary job is to make sure a television is properly mounted on the wall aren’t usually qualified smart home installers.

We are. That’s what makes DTV Installations the premier home automation service in New York, and why this client in Manhattan, NY chose us for his project after seeing all of our great reviews on Angie’s List. He was pleased with our proposal and free estimate, so we went to work on his TV/thermostat project.

TV mounted on the wall 2

We ran in-wall cabling to the cable box hidden in another room, and installed an electrical outlet behind the area where the TV would be placed so power would be available. When everything was ready, we then secured his flat-screen high-definition television on a secure horizontal mount. The video display was perfect, with absolutely no wiring anywhere in sight.

NEST thermostat provided home climate automation

The client also wanted temperature and humidity control for his living space, so we supplied and installed a Nest smart thermostat system. The Nest is capable of learning preferred temperature settings and then auto-programming a home’s climate control, and can also be controlled via Wi-Fi. The customer was thrilled with the result – and we were, too.

TV mounted on the wall

DTV Installations specializes in this type of smart home automation installation, and we encourage all clients to think about combining their home theater and audio system with modern security, temperature control and motorized shading systems. We can explain all of the benefits (and the surprisingly-low cost) of full-home automation during a no-obligation free consultation.

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