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TV Screen Wall Mounting | Manhattan, NY

A somewhat-challenging assignment: mount a high-definition TV on a small wall space between two windows. The HDTV was hung and fit perfectly, with an outstanding display which wasn’t affected by light from the adjoining windows.
wall preparation for tv mounitng

One thing that makes our work so rewarding is that our previous home theater installation services clients often call when they have a new project, because they were so happy with the first job we did for them.

back side of tv panel

This TV wall mounting in Manhattan was one example. We had created an entire home theater for the customer, and he was so satisfied that he asked for an installer to mount another Sony high-definition flat screen television in a different room, to fit on a wall between two windows and above a chest.

cabling through the walls, with all connectors ready for the HDTV

The space was a bit tight, but that was no problem for our expert DTV Installations team. We ran the cabling unobtrusively through the walls, with all connectors ready for the HDTV. Next, we attached the universal mount to the television, attached it securely to the wall, and made sure that it worked in tandem with the client’s remote controls and Blu-ray player.

What size of TV and seating distance do I need for the best experience?

high-def television mounted on the wall

The final product: a high-def television mounted on the wall, which fit perfectly into the available space and provided an outstanding picture even with windows on either side of the display. This was a small project, but as one of the premier TV mounting companies in New York we love those jobs as much as the big ones – particularly when we get another chance to work with repeat, satisfied DTV Installations clients.

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