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How a Central Vacuum Cleaner Saves You Energy

A proper vacuum system will save you a lot of energy over time. Read to find out how you can save hundreds of dollars over several years by installing a central vacuum cleaner.

With the power unit and debris collection unit situated in a separate location, a central vacuum cleaner offers several advantages over the traditional portable vacuum cleaner. It reduces the amount of work one has to do when cleaning and does a much better job of clearing dust and debris from the house. 

But the biggest advantage that many homeowners will no doubt appreciate is the fact that they save more energy. Though the initial cost is relatively high, you will save more money in the long run. 

Power Usage 

The amount of power used by a central vacuum system is roughly the same as that of a portable vacuum cleaner. Yet, it has 3 to 5 times the power of a portable vacuum cleaner. You are getting more suction power, which translates into more efficient cleaning, at no extra energy usage. 

Most central vacuum cleaners use the same standard 120V socket that a regular vacuum cleaner uses.

A good portable vacuum cleaner has around the same amperage rating as a standard central vacuum cleaner (10-13 amps). This means that they draw almost the same amount of current when in operation. Since they both plug into the same 120V socket and have around the same current rating, calculating the wattage provides a similar figure of about 1400 watts. 

Increased Cleaning Efficiency 

Where the true energy saving feature of the central vac comes in is in the frequency of cleaning. With a traditional vacuum cleaner, you probably have to go over your house thrice or more a week. If there are kids and pets around, you may need to vacuum every day. Even then, not all dust is gotten rid of. Over time, this translates into increased energy usage due to the high frequency of use. 

Due to its super efficiency cleaning, you can use a central vacuum cleaner less frequently and still maintain a very clean and dust free house. Not only that, but you no longer have to lug around a heavy canister. Cleaning is as simple as connecting a hose to a wall inlet. 

Cost Savings

To see how much you save, let’s crunch some numbers. The average price of electricity per KWh is 10 cents. Tho portable vac with a wattage of 1400, used for 20 minutes everyday (0.3 hrs) will cost $0.042 daily (1.4KW x 0.3hrs x $0.10). Thats $1.26 monthly and $15.12 yearly. 

Due to its higher suction power and cleaning efficiency, you only need 10 minutes for a thorough cleaning with a central vac. 1.4KW x 0.16hrs x $0.10 comes to $0.0224 daily and 0.0672 weekly (cleaning thrice a week). The yearly cost is $3.22. You can see the difference. Add the fact that you never have to replace your central vacuum system and you can see the huge cost savings.

It is important to note that with very large homes (over 8,000 square feet), these cost savings will be lower because a higher power central vac will be needed. 

If you want to enjoy these and many more benefits, DTV Installations are here to help. With our many years of experience and technical skill, you can have the perfect central vacuum system installed in your home. We install all major brands including Vacuflo, Honeywell, Electrolux and ZVac. 


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