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Better Than Ever: DTV Installations Now Uses New Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

DTV Installations is delighted to now offer new, fiber optic HDMI cables for all home theater and audio/video systems. This slim and lightweight cable provides all of the convenience of HDMI but transfers signals via pulses of light instead of standard copper conductors. The advantages of fiber that mean your 4K video and high-res sound is delivered lightning-fast and free of interference, to destinations as much as 1000 feet away without the 50-foot limitations of HDMI cables.

The professionals at DTV Installations were among the first to use HDMI cables for home theater, audio/visual and commercial projects. That’s because the technology allows for the transfer of crystal-clear digital video and audio signals between HDTVs, monitors and components, and guarantees a high-quality entertainment experience.

Fiber Optic HDMI Cables for av installations
Fiber optic cables are often used for home audio applications and have some advantages over HDMI, such as being able to carry signals for longer distances without interference, but they can’t properly handle high-resolution audio like DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. We’ve used fiber in audio installations at times, but not for video; the cables are a very expensive way to transfer digital video and can’t handle some of the secondary signals that make HDMI so versatile.
Thankfully the best of both worlds is now available: fiber optic HDMI cable. And DTV Installations has it.
There’s a lot going on inside these slim and light cables, which come with detachable connectors that plug right into HDMI ports. The HDMI signals are converted into pulses of light that travel at very high speed through the cable, and then decoded at the destination. It’s not just video and audio that are converted and transferred; all of the extra signals that provide things like display information and copyright protection are also sent via fiber optics. In that way you get all of the inherent capabilities of HDMI combined with the advantages of fiber.
DTV Installations loves working with this new cable because it’s thin, flexible, and easy to prewire and install. It’s also available in lengths up to 1000 feet and plenum-rated, so it can be run almost anywhere inside a home, office or commercial building.
But that’s from our perspective. Why will you love it? Read on.
Anyone with an HDTV or monitor knows by now how convenient HDMI is. A single cable carries all of the signals required to transfer and control high-definition video and high-resolution audio throughout a home theater or A/V system. All of those advantages remain the same with fiber optic HDMI cables.

However, HDMI cables are only effective for short runs, because signals transmitted through their copper conductors start to degrade at about 25 feet and are a real problem at 50 feet or more. By comparison, signals don’t suffer the same problem when transferred via fiber optics; a fiber optic HDMI cable can provide perfect 4K video (at 60Hz with 4:4:4 color space) and high-res audio quality over lengths as long as 1000 feet. It’s capable of much faster throughput as well, 18 Gbps compared to the 3.4 Gbps of high-speed HDMI.

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Any signal that travels through copper conductors (like those in traditional HDMI cables) is subject to both radiofrequency and electromagnetic interference. These fiber optic HDMI cables, though, transmit signals via pulses of light which aren’t affected by outside interference. Even if you have a radio transmitter or heavy machinery in your home (which we assume you don’t), the video and audio will reach their destination interference-free.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new home theater or A/V system in your home or business – but haven’t taken the next step – now is a perfect time to do it. We can now provide you with a video and audio experience that’s more impressive than ever, thanks to these amazing fiber optic HDMI cables. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and proposal, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.
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