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Mega-Project: Home Theater, Media Room, Outdoor Entertainment and Security Cameras Installation | Staten Island

No project is too big for DTV Installations, and in this basement of this beautiful Staten Island home we installed a complete 4K Dolby Atmos THX surround sound home theater with a 160-inch motorized screen plus two 65-inch 4K HDTVs. That wasn’t all; additional home theaters were installed in the living room and in an outdoors entertainment area, and a complete CCTV home security system closed out the project which took just two weeks.
Resedential Security Cameras Installation _ Staten Island, NY

No project is too small – or too big – for DTV Installations. We proved the latter with an enormous and complicated project for a Staten Island homeowner, who needed the full range of equipment and installation services we provide. Once we agreed on the scope and details of the project with the homeowner, we worked hand-in-hand with a team of carpenters and electricians to get all of the work done in two weeks.


2 of the sony tvs side by side behind the screen

The most impressive aspect of this installation was the spectacular basement home theater with six luxurious leather seats that we created for the client. It’s a full 4K Dolby Atmos THX theater providing an experience almost identical to the one you get in a movie theater. This installation is based around a Sony VPL-VW665EX projector that shows stunning images in native 4K resolution, and a 160-inch (you read that correctly) Vutec recessed, motorized projection screen. But that’s not all – behind the screen we installed a pair of Sony 65-inch Bravia XBR-65X930D Smart TVs, so the home’s residents can choose to watch side-by-side sports events or anything else they choose.

home theater room from the front
screen innovations motorized projector screen
klipsch 7800-s-thx, klipsch kw-120 thx, kl-650-thx speakers of home cinema NY
custom bench below the tvs to hide the spekaers
powerful ceiling speakers in cinema room
2 of the sony tvs side by side behind the screen
custom home theater seating
home theater speakers without the grill
sony 4k vpl-vw665es projector
klipsch 7800-s-thx

Naturally, an extraordinary video experience calls for an equally extraordinary audio one, and we installed a full complement of Marantz power amplifiers and processors along with exceptional speakers. Top-of-the-line, professional-grade Klipsch KL-650 THX speakers were installed in a beautiful cabinet and used for the front left, right and center along with a pair of Klipsch JW-120 THX subwoofers and amps, with Klipsch Pro-7502-L-THX and Klipsch Pro-7800-S-THX in-ceiling and in-wall speakers installed for stellar surround-sound and Dolby Atmos audio.

sony xbr-65x930d _ sonos playbar
home theater bar entertaiment

There was much more to this system. On the opposite side of the room there is a bar, where we installed a satellite Sonos Soundbar, wireless subwoofer and remote control system. A Key Digital HDMI 4K matrix switch and cables were used to connect all sources along with Key Digital HDMI over Cat5e 4K converters, Sonos Connect was installed to stream music from the system throughout the house, and high-end Panamax power protection and filters were included in the system as well. Finally, we added a Lutron RadioRA2 lighting control system, which along with all of the video and audio components were controllable via a Total Control MRX-10 Advanced Network Controller system with TRC-1080 universal remotes or by smartphone.

sonos wireless sub-woofer
sonos wireless sub woofer
middle atlantic racks side by side
sonosamps, key digital matrix switch, panamax
5.1 home theater system wit hthe urc trc 1080 remote, Staten Island, NY

We were nowhere near done. The upstairs living room/dining room area was next, and we installed a full surround-sound home theater there as well. It was built around a 65-inch Sony XBR-65X930D 3D 4K Smart TV on a Snap AV Ultra Slim full motion wall mount and a Sonos Playbar with custom enclosure, Sonos Play speakers and subwoofer. They were all connected with Key Digital 4K HDMI cables and controlled by another MRX-10 controller system and TRC-1080 remotes.

sonos 5.1 home theater system
sonos play 1 surround sound speakers
sonos play 1 surround sound speakers
sonos play 1 surround sound speakers
outdoor entertaiment
sunbrite 55_ silver tv

What if it’s a nice day out? The client now has a full outdoor 5.1 home theater, featuring a 55-inch all-weather Sunbrite SB-5570HD-SL HDTV, five Episode Landscape ES-LS-SAT-8-BRN outdoor speakers and an underground ES-LS-BSUB-12-CPR subwoofer with a Crown amplifier. Music can be streamed through a Sonos Connect, videos via AppleTV, and everything is wireless and fully controllable by phone or tablet via a MRX-10 controller system.

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speaker
Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speaker on the New Yorker's backyard
full 5.1 outdoor home theater system
sunbrite 55_ outdoor 4k tv (sub-woofer on the left)


Surveillance Cameras

hikvision 3mm dome ip camera

Finally, the client wanted to be able to fully monitor his property, day or night, no matter where he was. So we supplied and installed a complete CCTV security system, with eight 1080p wireless IP Hikvision cameras which are vandalproof and feature night vision capabilities. We also installed motion detectors along with a 16-channel network video recorder with eight terabytes of memory. All cameras are recorded for later playback if necessary, and the client can monitor activity on the property in real time on any phone or computer, anywhere in the world.

hikvision 3mm dome ip camera
hikvision 3mm dome ip camera
hikvision 3mm dome ip camera
The client received enormous discounts on the equipment thanks to our status as authorized dealers, and ended up with a complete video/audio/security system fit for a king’s castle.
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