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    A conference room is really just a large space with a table and chairs – unless it’s optimized for efficient, effective collaboration.

    Turning a Conference Room Into A Collaboration Center

    Unlike their predecessors, today’s corporate and business conference spaces must be much more than comfortable. They must be flexible and equipped with the latest audio/visual technology with high-speed connectivity, to provide an immersive experience which encourages participants to fully engage in group activities.

    It doesn’t matter whether your meetings require simple video presentations, interactive brainstorming sessions conducted on Internet-connected smart screens, or full-scale video conferencing capabilities. We have the answers you need.

    DTV Installations can turn your ordinary conference room into a state-of-the-art presentation and communications center for your entire team.

    The Many “Flavors” of Meeting Room Enhancements

    Our DTV team of professional designers and installers will work with you to create the ideal collaborative atmosphere for your meetings, no matter what type of equipment configuration is required.

    • High-definition video projector
    • In Wall Audio speakers
    • Interactive digital visual presentation projector and screens
    • Fixed or motorized screen
    • 8K TV wall mounted, fixed or hidden behind artwork
    • Audio and/or video conferencing
    • Video wall with multiple displays
    • Motorized shading systems, smart lighting, and HVAC controls
    • Commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires

    All systems can be designed to provide access for multiple devices and multiple users, allowing complete team participation, brainstorming, and collaboration. And the integration of smart technology allows management or team leaders to quickly and easily adjust the conference room environment for discussion, multimedia presentations or teleconferencing.

    State-of-the-Art Conference Room Upgrades Pay For Themselves

    DTV Installations is an authorized dealer for most major electronics brands, which allows us to provide generous equipment discounts in addition to reasonable installation pricing and fast turnaround times. Please call us for a free, no-obligation design consultation, so we can help you unlock the full potential of your meeting room.

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    With additional services including home audio system and video installation systems, complete security solutions, shading systems, intercom systems solutions, and more. Contact DTV today for a project estimate – and never worry about your TV again

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    Guarantees and Features

    DTV Installations Receives Coveted Status As Lutron Platinum Dealer

    Owner John Lysy is pleased to announce that DTV Installations has been received recognition as a Platinum Dealer for Lutron Electronics, the leading company in the lighting control industry. Lutron is revered for its enormous selection of high-quality smart home lighting controls and systems.

    As a Platinum Dealer, DTV Installations is now able to offer clients more flexible pricing options, and bigger discounts, than ever before on Lutron products. On large projects, DTV is now also able to offer free design and installation services.

    Very few companies are able to quality for Platinum Dealer status. It requires five unblemished years in business – DTV Installations has been operating for 15 successful years. It requires a minimum of $500,000 in retail sales – DTV Installations has far surpassed that level, due to the number of high-end projects requiring extensive experience and knowledge that we’ve completed. And it requires having mentored smaller companies in the industry, which we’re proud to do on a regular basis.

    DTV Installations is honored to have been named a Lutron Platinum Dealer, and we look forward to passing on the many benefits of this status to our valued clients.