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Smart Home Automation | Manhattan, NY

Featured Smart Home Automation project by DTV Installations NYC. Job includes: audio/visual equipment set up, automated lighting control and motorized shading system installation.
Smart Home Automation Project by DTV Installations in Manhattan, NY

One of our favorite types of smart home automation projects involves the installation and complete coordination of an audio/video system, motorized shades and computerized lighting system.

We’ve recently completed one such project in a seventh-floor apartment with 25-foot high ceilings, in a brand-new building in Harlem. Our work began when the space was filled with virtually nothing but sheetrock and subfloor, and ended with a cool, modern automation system installed in a gorgeous living space.

install a 60-inch Samsung UN60HU8850 high-definition television flush to the box

Initially, we cut through the sheetrock so we could run HDMI cable (for the TVs and audio system) and speaker wire throughout the apartment’s walls. We then waited for construction to be completed so we could return to install the components and controllers.

DTV Instalalers (John and Sean) after Samsrt Home Automation project was done in Manhattan, New York

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The first step was to build a box in the living room which was four inches deep, allowing us to install a 60-inch Samsung UN60HU8850 high-definition television flush to the box.

In this way, the TV can easily be moved into position or out of the way as desired by means of an articulating arm. We added a Sonos sound bar and Sonos subwoofer in close proximity to the screen, and put the cable box, Blu-ray player and WiFi into a nearby closet where they wouldn’t be seen.

lighting control set up by DTV Installations

Next, we tackled the apartment lighting system. We used Lutron RA2 radio control dimmers and installed “scene” buttons, allowing the apartment’s residents to choose lighting presets for various applications (or “scenes”) such as watching movies or sleeping. This type of system typically saves as much as 35% on lighting bills.

motorized Lutron Triathalon sheer roller shades by DTV Installations

Then it was time for the window treatments. We installed beautiful, motorized Lutron Triathalon sheer roller shades, after running 18/4 shielded wire to power the shade motor. All extra equipment was hidden in the closet, out of the way and out of view.

samsung un 55 inches hu 8550 model mounted on the brick wall

Finally, the A/V, lighting and shading systems were automated through an MRX10 universal controller. This allows the residents to effortlessly control everything from a single app installed on their tablets or smartphones, as well as a universal remote control.

There are also “scene” buttons by the exit doors so all lights and equipment can easily be turned on or off at the same time. In addition to whole project we mounted Samsung UN 55-inch TV in the customers bedroom.

This showplace apartment is clean, modern and spectacular, as you can see. The audio/visual, shading and lighting systems from DTV Installations contribute to the overall contemporary, elegant look.

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