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Sony XBR75Z9D 75” 4K HDTV Home Theater in Living Room | New York

A Brooklyn client wanted to upgrade to a high-end home theater to match his brand-new living room. DTV Installations used the very latest equipment: a 75” Sony 4K Smart Android Ultra HDTV with HDR technology and a 4K, 7.2 channel Sony STR-ZA2000ES A/V receiver. They were accompanied by a wireless, Monitor Audio surround-sound speaker system and installation of a new, lightning-fast Wi-Fi system, plus additional audio systems in two other rooms.

This client in Brooklyn wanted a high-end home theater installed in his beautiful new living room, and also needed equipment moved out of the dining room with new components installed there and in the bedroom. DTV Installations put together a comprehensive proposal after providing a free consultation, and the client was anxious to get started – so we did.

Sony XBR75Z9D 75” 4K HDTV Living Room Home Theater

We used a show-stopper for the centerpiece of the home theater: a 75” Sony XBR75 Z9D 4K Smart Android Ultra HDTV which features the latest High Definition Resolution (HDR) technology, and was hung on a Strong SM-T-XL mount. The accompanying A/V receiver is just as high-tech; it’s the 4K 7.2 channel Sony STR-ZA2100ES, which delivers perfect music reproduction and theater-quality sound. It has a special in-ceiling audio mode for ideal surround-sound calibration, supports all of the latest video and audio formats, and is programmable via browser, phone or tablet.

Professional Home Theater Audio Calibration in NY & NJ: Getting All The Sound You’ve Paid For

Those beauties were coupled with a wireless Sonos Connect amp and five Monitor Audio speakers: two CP-IW260X three-way luxury in-wall speakers with a symmetrical five-driver B-M-T-M-B configuration, two CSS230 shallow in-ceiling speakers and an R380-GW subwoofer. The audio produced by this wireless setup is sublime.

We installed and programmed all of the components, finishing with an MRX-10 advanced network controller (for connectivity) and an advanced Wi-Fi remote control, the URC TRC-1080.

Dining Room and Master Bedroom

The client had an older home theater in the space that used to be his dining room. We removed and recycled all of the old components and speakers before installing and programming a new audio system in this room.

It’s based around Sonos equipment: a Playbar Powered Soundbar and wireless music system, positioned on a Sonos wall mount bracket and supplemented with a Sub subwoofer. The entire system operates via WiFi and is controlled with another URC TRC-1080 remote control.

The HDTV we removed from the dining room was hung in the master bedroom, where we added a Sonos Playbar Soundbar and TRC-1080 remote control.

Internet Connectivity

All of the wireless systems needed rock-solid connectivity. To provide it we installed and wired a Luxul XWR-1750 dual-band wireless Gigabit router, a Luxul XWS-2510 wireless controller kit with high-power dual-band APS, and a Luxul AGS-1024 AV Series 24-port Gigabit rack mount switch. The system ensures perfect Internet connectivity for all of the components and remotes in the home.

The client started with a rudimentary home theater in an older room. After just a day of work by DTV Installations, he had a showpiece home theater in his new living room, a modern listening space in the dining room and an HDTV with great audio in the master bedroom – and thanks to the retailer equipment discounts we provided, all at a terrific price.


DTV Installations Receives Coveted Status As Lutron Platinum Dealer

Owner John Lysy is pleased to announce that DTV Installations has been received recognition as a Platinum Dealer for Lutron Electronics, the leading company in the lighting control industry. Lutron is revered for its enormous selection of high-quality smart home lighting controls and systems.

As a Platinum Dealer, DTV Installations is now able to offer clients more flexible pricing options, and bigger discounts, than ever before on Lutron products. On large projects, DTV is now also able to offer free design and installation services.

Very few companies are able to quality for Platinum Dealer status. It requires five unblemished years in business – DTV Installations has been operating for 15 successful years. It requires a minimum of $500,000 in retail sales – DTV Installations has far surpassed that level, due to the number of high-end projects requiring extensive experience and knowledge that we’ve completed. And it requires having mentored smaller companies in the industry, which we’re proud to do on a regular basis.

DTV Installations is honored to have been named a Lutron Platinum Dealer, and we look forward to passing on the many benefits of this status to our valued clients.