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Wireless Home Audio, Smart Home and Remote Control Setup | Scarsdale, NY

A wireless, integrated home audio and automation system for a gaming room isn’t necessarily easy for a homeowner to set up, but DTV Installations supplied all of the equipment and completed the task in a single day. It’s built around Sonos Connect for CAS and Sonos powered speakers, and includes a Gigabit Ethernet setup with Luxul XGS-1008 Ethernet switch and XWR-3100 dual-band router plus a high-end, quick-connect Wi-Fi controller.

DTV Installations was contacted by a client in Scarsdale, who needed us to work with his interior designer to complete a state-of-the art gaming room. Among other things, he needed high-end audio, Wi-Fi installation and smart controllers – all wireless.

We were pleased to meet with the client and designer, and to provide a free estimate. We were all on the same page, and DTV installers completed the entire project in just one day.


Wireless Audio and Internet

The backbone of the audio system was built with high-quality Sonos components. A Sonos Connect for CAS (component audio streaming) integrated the client’s external amplifier into the system, and we used a wireless Sonos Playbar powered soundbar and a Sonos Sub subwoofer (also wireless) to provide what CNET calls best-in-class digital audio. The speakers can be moved anywhere in the room, and only need to be plugged into a power outlet for optimal sound delivery.

This system works with all streaming audio sources, thanks to the Internet system provided by DTV Installations. It features a Luxul XGS-1008 Gigabit Ethernet switch and XWR-3100 dual-band wireless Gigabit router; high-capacity connectivity is crucial for a gaming room with wireless audio, and this system delivers.


Programming and Extras

Even though wireless systems don’t require all of the intricate wiring work we normally do, that doesn’t mean we were done after supplying the equipment (with major pricing discounts).

Our DTV installers added a Panamax MR4000 power management system and a Strong 15U Foundation Series rack system with integrated cooling for the Internet components, and also installed a Nest Labs 3rd generation thermostat.

All of the equipment works seamlessly with the URC TRC-1080 universal remote controller that DTV provided and programmed for the client so that it could perform all of his favorite functions. One of the great features of the easy-to-use TRC-1080 that worked particularly well for this gaming room installation is quick-connect Wi-Fi.

DTV wasn‘t done yet. We supplied and installed a complete Lutron Radio RA-2 lighting control system, including Lutron RRD6CL dimmers in the basement. This allows the client to control his all lights from an app on his phone or the TRC-1080 remote control, or by asking Amazon Alexa to do it for him. Additionally, we programmed the system for full “scene” control, so if the client presses “Play Game” on his remote the TV, Sonos audio and gaming system will all turn on, and the lights will dim to 20%.

A Home Theater Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

A week after DTV Installations finished the work, the client called – not because of a problem but because he was so thrilled with the URC controller that he wanted two more, for his home theater and his family room.

We were delighted to come back and set up the extra controllers, and he was delighted with the work done by DTV Installations.


DTV Installations Receives Coveted Status As Lutron Platinum Dealer

Owner John Lysy is pleased to announce that DTV Installations has been received recognition as a Platinum Dealer for Lutron Electronics, the leading company in the lighting control industry. Lutron is revered for its enormous selection of high-quality smart home lighting controls and systems.

As a Platinum Dealer, DTV Installations is now able to offer clients more flexible pricing options, and bigger discounts, than ever before on Lutron products. On large projects, DTV is now also able to offer free design and installation services.

Very few companies are able to quality for Platinum Dealer status. It requires five unblemished years in business – DTV Installations has been operating for 15 successful years. It requires a minimum of $500,000 in retail sales – DTV Installations has far surpassed that level, due to the number of high-end projects requiring extensive experience and knowledge that we’ve completed. And it requires having mentored smaller companies in the industry, which we’re proud to do on a regular basis.

DTV Installations is honored to have been named a Lutron Platinum Dealer, and we look forward to passing on the many benefits of this status to our valued clients.