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Installation Cost for a Video Intercom

An intercom system sounds great! But exactly what is the installation cost?

The cost of any audio or video intercom installation, of course, will vary depending on the equipment you select and the specifics of your location – a DTV Installations expert would have to do an on-site inspection before giving you an exact price. However, here’s a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a traditional or wireless intercom system.

Intercom Installation Cost
If you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking for a simple intercom you can install on your own, companies like Ring offer battery-powered, Wi-Fi enabled “video doorbells.” When the doorbell rings, or when motion sensors detect activity near your door, an audio alert is sent to your phone and the intercom will stream live audio and/or video to an app on your tablet or cellphone (Ring is not compatible with computers). You can also talk to the visitor, and everything is recorded to the cloud. The system works pretty well and costs about $200 (plus $3 per month for cloud storage), but it does require some carpentry work to mount the hardware. If this is all you need but the idea of installing it scares you, DTV can do the work for you for an extra fee.
You may prefer a wired installation that doesn’t depend on battery power, an audio intercom with multiple indoor units, or a wireless video intercom system which provides multiple camera angles and operates at all of your doors. You may also want to be able to record audio or video without paying a monthly cloud storage fee, or a system which will let you review the footage on a computer. In all of those cases, DTV Installations can help you select the exact remote intercom setup, install it, and make sure it’s working properly. Prices for a single-family home start at around $500 for a complete audio-only intercom, and can top $1000 for full-featured video systems.
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DTV Installations provides complete remote intercom solutions for multi-family homes or apartment buildings. Prices vary depending on the system and the amount of work involved, but for guidance, a typical audio intercom system for a four-unit apartment building would run around $3500, with a video system costing around $4000-$5000. Costs for large apartment building installations can be up to five times that amount.

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Remember, every system and job is unique, so it’s impossible to list exact prices without seeing your home or building first. Hopefully this gives you a general idea of the cost of a remote intercom installation, though – and you’ll see that it’s a small price to pay for the safety and protection that these isystems can provide. Please feel free to contact DTV Installations at any time; we’ll be happy to do a site inspection and give you an exact quote.
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