Access Control for Home and Business New York and Tri State area.

Does your New York City business need Access Control? The system will allows you or your employees to control who can access or lock or unlock doors, allowing entrance to specific locations 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

DTV Installations managed Access Control Systems can provide access control for your home or business at affordable rates with fast turn around service. We can begin your installation in as little as 24 hours. Our expert team will setupit quickly with little or no disturbance to the flow of business activities or your home.

Business, whether you utilize card access systems,  proximity readers, biometric devices or readers, turnstiles our Access Control system can be incorporated. DTV Installations will custom design an access control system that fits into the way you do business. Your business will be secure, safe and easy to operate, incorporating any type of access device.

Access control systems by DTV Installations of NY will showcase multiple advantages over keyed locks:

If you are currently using keyed locks and keys access to your New York building / Business / Property it is simply all or nothing at all.

Personnel or employees entering with a key can unlock a door and gain entrance 24 hours a day.

With an Access Control system in place this is no longer a worry, you, the business owner makes the decision as to when entrances or doors can be used and grant access selectively.

Get rid of that giant ring of keys jingling on your belt, Access control provides you with just a single card that is capable of unlocking and accessing every single door that any employee may be authorized to open. And even ones that they are not.
Copies of keys can be easily made, most locksmith even ignore stamps on keys stating, "Do not duplicate". Your assigned access cards cannot be copied or duplicated. Keys have no way of tracking who has them and when they are used, Access control cards do!

When an employee leaves, is terminated, looses a key, the security of your New York premises can be severely compromised, your only solutions is costly and time consuming, calling a locksmith to rekey all of your doors and locks. By utilizing Access Control via a card access system, a few button uses and your system is updated, disabling any card in question. Any other cards you have issued to other employees continue to work as they have in the past.

Employees or authorized users of your NYC business with Keys are completely anonymous and cannot be tracked. Access control systems allow for complete tracking as well as a detailed audit trail. You are always in control of who has access and when they have access as well as what point of entry or door the Access Control Card is utilized at. Access Control by DTV Installations systems make for more honest employees, discoursing theft, unauthorized entry or any other inappropriate behavior.

When and if an authorized person or an employee needs any and all of your access cards can be quickly and easily reprogrammed.

The DTV Installations Access Control System can be set up to log each and every access attempt to its master database at a secure monitoring facility. We can record any type, when any lock, door or entry point is opened, accessed or even when closed.

DTV Installations is the New York premier installation company for Access Control Systems, now you can easily manage access for items such as display cases, storage lockers rooms or drawers, computer server rooms and racks and much more.

Contact DTV Installations today for a free Access Control consulting, sleep easier and maintain control over your property with a custom designed Access Control system for your NYC office or business that’s right for you. If you would like to have a media room in your house you have come to the right place, we can custom build it for you with 100% sound proofed walls and ceiling mounted projector or electric drop down screen installed. Our technicians will program a top of the line remote control to operate all the needed equipment with one touch of the baton.

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