An important but vastly-underestimated way for companies to communicate with employees, clients, and prospective customers is digital signage.

Once upon a time, in-house or in-store TV displays were commonly used to provide corporate news broadcasts, staff briefings, employee training, or product and promotional information. Those rudimentary methods of communication have now been replaced by modern digital signage systems, which deliver coordinated messaging and are more informative, more flexible, more engaging and often less expensive.

The Many Uses of Digital Signage In Your Company

DTV Installations has wide-ranging experience in providing and installing digital signage for all types and sizes of businesses. Here are just a few examples of the projects that DTV can create for your company:

  • Video display walls: Installed in waiting rooms or on sales floors, to display single or multiple customized videos or digital updates for visitors and clients.
  • Internal communication systems: Installed throughout workspaces, offices or conference rooms to provide employees with the latest company news, product briefings or training videos.
  • Digital menu boards: Installed in retail businesses to provide customers with information and pricing for products or services, details of ongoing promotions, or company information.
  • In-house video feeds: Installed anywhere or everywhere in a company’s facilities, providing customized programming to reinforce the firm’s messaging and branding.

A Valuable Tool For Non-Profit Organizations and Government Agencies

The benefits of digital signage aren’t restricted to businesses; it’s also a valuable tool for other organizations such as educational institutions, transit systems, museums, and government facilities.

Digital signage can be either unobtrusive or front-of-mind. DTV Installations specializes in both and will design a system that meets your company’s specific requirements.

Complete Digital Signage Installation to Fit Any Budget

Our expert project managers and staff will provide and install the necessary HDTV monitors, receivers and playback systems, using commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires – and thanks to our status as an authorized dealer for most equipment manufacturers, we can offer substantial discounts on your digital signage project.

Please contact DTV Installations for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate, to discover how you can benefit from installing modern digital signage throughout your business.

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