It’s impossible to picture a successful gym without the latest treadmills, ellipticals and cross-trainers. Just as important to the commercial success of a fitness center, however, are its WiFi and video/audio systems.

Today’s gym members require reliable Internet connectivity and robust entertainment options during their workouts, not just to track their physical activity but to allow multi-tasking and alleviate boredom.

Just think: how many people working out in your gym aren’t listening to music, watching videos or TV, or communicating on their tablet or phone, at the same time they’re exercising?

Modern Video, Audio and WiFi Systems Increase Member Retention

Membership retention rates, and the fees you can charge your members, are largely determined by the quality of their workout experience. The expert designers and technicians at DTV Installations can help you vastly improve both.

We specialize in installing or upgrading commercial-grade WiFi systems, ensuring exceptional connectivity for all clients without interfering with your online business operations. State-of-the-art wireless hubs and routers, multiple access points and bandwidth control systems will provide the high-quality, uninterrupted Internet experience your members require during their workout sessions.

Upgrading In-House Entertainment Upgrades the Member Experience As Well

Top-notch video and audio are just as important as WiFi to many clients. DTV Installations can provide and install as many high-end 4K HDTV screens and speakers as needed, to deliver a high-quality audio/video experience that’s available at any location on the floor – all integrated into a single system with commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires, and controllable from a single keypad.

Energy-Saving Technology Adds To Your Bottom Line

Gyms are large facilities and they rack up big energy bills. DTV can provide a modern, high-end Lutron energy management system to interface with smart HVAC, lighting and motorized shading systems (which we can also provide and install), lowering your energy consumption and utility bills at the same time.

Help Us…Help You

Our senior installers are ready to visit your facility on your schedule, to provide free consultations, design ideas and suggestions, and a no-obligation quotation. And our expert technicians are ready to give your members the best user experience available at any gym in your market area.

Please give us a call to schedule a meeting, so we can show you the many ways DTV Installations can help you take your gym to new levels of profitability.

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