The “mirror display” is one of the latest technological advances in commercial advertising and messaging. And DTV Installations is a leader in the field.

Mirror Displays: Next-Generation Sales Tools

Mirror displays combine the benefits of digital signage with the beauty and visual clarity of a high-quality mirror. Thanks to the characteristics of advanced polarized film overlays, a mirror display can provide two different and impressive benefits:

  • It can show full-screen, high-definition video or graphics, and then revert back to a beautifully sedate mirror when the video feed or graphics are turned off. This mode is ideal for businesses like restaurants, bars and hotels, which can utilize digital signage to display menu specials, deals and promotions without harming the overall visual aesthetics of a room or office space.
  • It can seamlessly display complementary content on the top, bottom or sides of the mirror, while not impeding the functionality of the mirror itself. There’s no better sales tool for use in a dressing room or on a sales floor, since messaging can reinforce the image seen in the mirror as a customer considers her purchase.

DTV Installations Offers the Most Advanced Mirror Display Solutions

Mirror displays are cutting-edge technology, and DTV Installations has access to the very best product lines (and can provide substantial price discounts as an authorized dealer). Many of the mirror displays we provide are “smart” systems; sensors recognize when a customer approaches or leaves the mirror, and they either display appropriate content or revert back to full mirror status as appropriate. Installation is done with commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires.

The displays can also be user-programmed, of course, and full programming is one of the many extra services included when DTV supplies and installs mirror displays for your store or business.

Few Companies Can Provide the Benefits of Mirror Displays

You won’t find many media installation companies able to deliver these stunning yet functional sales tools. DTV Installations is proud to have provided and installed many of them at some of the area’s leading retail establishments, and we’d love to welcome you to our list of satisfied clients. Just call for a free, no-obligation site survey and estimate, and we’ll complete your project on time and on budget.

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