Only the smallest diners or hole-in-the-wall restaurants still rely on handwritten guest checks. POS systems are now virtually required in every modern food and beverage establishment.

Yet many restaurants still rely on other outdated electronics – which wind up costing them a fortune in operating costs and lost business opportunities.

Modern Systems Enhance Customer Experience and Save Money

DTV Installations specializes in upgrading every facet of a restaurant’s commercial facilities.

HDTVs, Projectors and Screens

Far too many restaurants still have standalone televisions on shelves in their dining rooms or bars. Today’s customers expect high-quality video and audio displays; DTV can supply and install the latest high-definition equipment using commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires, complete with integrated remote controls for the restaurant or bar managers. Modern A/V equipment can also open an entire new avenue for meeting, party and conference business as well.

Digital Signage and Mirror TVs

Blackboards or menu inserts can be cute or simple methods for advertising daily specials or promotions. But the most efficient way to communicate with customers is with modern digital signage, video displays and menu boards which can be updated in seconds, saving time and effort while allowing managers to instantly push menu items or overstocked inventory.

Security Systems

Many restaurants haven’t updated their security cameras and recorders since the days of VHS, while others rely on simple systems which are unable to survey the full interior and exterior of the building. DTV can provide comprehensive security installations which allow you to monitor and protect every aspect of a restaurant’s operations, from cash registers and POS locations, to kitchens, storage areas, walk-ins and outside access points.

Environmental Controls

Commercial buildings can be just as “smart” as smart homes. DTV Installations regularly configures restaurant lighting and HVAC systems, complete with new motorized shading systems, installing the latest in Lutron energy management systems to provide management with significant control over the restaurant’s ambience, comfort and expenses.

Upgrading Your Restaurant Costs Less Than You’d Think

DTV Installations is an authorized dealer for all major brands of audio and video equipment, security systems and smart control systems, so we can provide all that you need to modernize your operations with substantial manufacturer’s discounts.

And our expert designers and technicians are able to create the right systems for both the front and back of your house, with timetables that fit your schedule and minimize any potential downtime or service interruptions.

We’re ready to meet with you at your convenience to provide a complete site survey, proposal and estimate – all free, of course, and without obligation. Please be in touch.

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