At best, a sports bar without a comprehensive, state-of-the-art HDTV system is just a big room where waiters and waitresses serve drinks. At worst, it’s a commercial failure.

The congenial, welcoming atmosphere of a successful sports bar is crucial to its ability to attract patrons who spend hours – and big money – while enjoying the games of their choice.

That means the smart business decision for any sports bar is to make sure its video and audio installation is the very best available.

DTV Installations can make that vision a reality within your budget, while providing other modern electronic systems which will add to your bottom line.

Sports Bar Customers Want a Perfect Viewing and Listening Experience

We’ve worked to optimize the video and audio capabilities of numerous sports bars in the area.

  • DTV Installations can create a comfortable, central viewing area for home team games with large screen high-definition video, and crystal-clear high-resolution audio Sonos audio systems and speakers. Video can be supplied via large-screen HDTVs, or high-def projector and screen setups, with alternate games displayed on separate screens surrounding the big game telecast.
  • We can install as many large- or small-screen HDTVs as your sports bar can handle, to display important or out-of-market games on demand, using commercial-grade products such as non-flammable speakers, non-flammable cables and wires.
  • And all of the screens and audio feeds will be easily controllable from a single, central keypad, selectable and changeable at a moment’s notice.
  • One more benefit: This state-of-the-art installation can also be used for non-sports viewing parties, screenings and other profitable gatherings.

Smart Systems Can Cut Operating Expenses While Improving Profitability

DTV Installations does more than just provide video and audio systems. We can install a Lutron energy management system for your sports bar, which will provide smart control of your heating and air conditioning, lighting and even motorized shading systems.

An “energy-smart” sports bar will maintain the optimal environment to encourage customers to stay longer and spend more, while drastically reducing your energy costs.

We’re also experts at installing security systems, with central monitoring stations, to safeguard your building and your inventory.

We’re Ready to Help, Free of Charge

Almost any sports bar or lounge would benefit from an update – or complete redesign – of its video and audio systems.

And our DTV experts would be delighted to visit your facility to discuss your specific needs, design a system to optimize customer experience and reduce operating costs, and provide a comprehensive proposal with no cost and with no obligation.

We look forward to visiting with you, and discussing how we can help increase your customer base and bottom line.

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